Corte Madera

A Vibrant Family-Friendly Community

Corte Madera is located between Mount Tamalpais and the San Francisco Bay in Marin County. The community's unique location provides the area with fantastic vistas of Mount Tamalpais shooting up into the sky on one side and the marshlands of Bay on the other. For a homeowner, Corte Madera is often coveted for its excellent schools, tranquil parks, and bike-friendly urban amenities like wood-fired pizza and pilates studios; this culminates into a great place to raise a family. 

The community energy is vibrant in Corte Madera. Thanks to local civic groups, flower baskets hang on almost every lamppost in town, adding to the cheerful atmosphere. Community leaders coordinate the town's blowout 4th of July parade, and the city also hosts the oh-so-special MarinScapes: an annual art show that has raised more than 1 million dollars for Buckelew Programs, which helps fight mental illness. While people often drive to Corte Madera for its two prominent malls, the friendly atmosphere far outshines the surface attractions, such as local retailers and easy access to San Francisco. 

The kid wins, too. Little leaguers take full advantage of well-tended parks and ball fields here. Families have enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and delicious country cooking at Benissimo Restaurant & Bar since 1987. Another local favorite is Book Passage, an independent bookstore that maintains patronage in the age of Amazon. This shop thanks the community with a busy calendar of classes, workshops, and author readings that bring in Pulitzer Prize winners and local historians alike. 


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Favorite Features

  • Striking views of Mount Tamalpais 
  • Excellent schools and parks
  • Community energy and friendly vibe
  • 4th of July parade and festivities
  • Book Passage, bookstore

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