A Charming Redwood Inspired Community

Redwoods rule in Larkspur. One of the most spectacular features of houses in Larkspur is the scenery surrounding them. In Baltimore Park and Baltimore Canyon, giant redwoods grow straight out of the road while the streets gently curve around these massive trees. 

Tucked away under the redwoods beneath Mount Tamalpais, Larkspur boasts a great dining scene. Magnolia Avenue is the main street, a vibrant destination for food lovers who frequent restaurants such as Pizzeria Picco, Emporio Rulli, and the Left Bank Brasserie. The Lark Theater, also on Magnolia, has been restored to its art-deco glory by a community effort and screens first-run films.

The Larkspur and Corte Madera creekside paths run a few blocks parallel to Magnolia on a former railroad right-of-way and are popular with families, dog walkers, and bikers on their way to Point Reyes.


View of Marin County agent Chris Glave standing by a tree

Favorite Features

  • The redwood backdrop to the housing scene
  • Fantastic dining options and experiences 
  • Magnolia Avenue dining and entertainment
  • Larkspur and Corte Madera creekside paths
  • The restored Art Deco Larkspur Theater

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